Mountains, glaciers, hiking, climbing.... Everything through my camera.
I am a guy from Bologna, born in '94, always grown up between music and nature. Computer scientist by necessity, I love climbing, mountain biking, trekking and playing guitar, so I decided to take my father's old film camera to start documenting all my adventures and those of my friends. My goal is to let people know how beautiful and fascinating our planet is from a naturalistic and environmental point of view, to show how much beauty we have around us even if sometimes we don't think about it too much. So every time I go out I bring my camera with me. I have always had a strong bond with the Dolomites, in particular with the mountains of Belluno and Cadore, because since I was a child I have spent entire vacations in valleys like Zoldo, starting very early to experience breathtaking landscapes and beautiful excursions that have made these places very important to me! Several years ago I started to make my first adventure travels around Europe with the intention of doing many more in the future, in particular I became fond of Iceland and the lands of the Arctic Circle. 
Passion for glaciers: Since I started traveling, I immediately set out in search of breathtaking shapes, obviously in the midst of nature, and right from the start at the sight of my first glaciers I was fascinated. The morphology of the ice gives unique shapes and intense colors. That strong and striking blue that shyly lights up inside the crevasses is a joy for the eyes. 
During my first trip to Iceland I stayed for hours looking at them even from a distance; from that moment on glaciers became a passion for me. 
So I became interested in winter mountaineering and started to learn and experiment with the techniques and maneuvers needed to cross them safely. I wanted to see more of them, glaciers became very important to me to the point that one day I told myself that I wanted to do something to help people to know them better and to get passionate about them. 
I hope you enjoy it!
Supported by

Dolomites UNESCO

Dall'estate del 2018 ho iniziato a collaborare orgogliosamente con la Fondazione Dolomiti UNESCO come fotografo, diventando membro sostenitore.


Da gennaio 2019 a gennaio 2021 ho ottenuto una meravigliosa collaborazione con Salewa, che ha supportato le mie avventure con abbigliamento e attrezzature tecniche molto buone.

Pillole di Zoldo

Un bellissimo progetto è nato in Val di Zoldo. Giovanni e Lucio stanno valorizzando davvero bene questa valle per me molto importante, e ho avuto la fortuna di collaborare attivamente con loro per diversi progetti.

Cammini d'Italia

Dal 2020 collaboro con la più grande community sul trekking italiano creando occasionalmente contenuti multimediali.

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